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Latest work:

Scenario Sonoro per Amedeo Bassi

Ricercare la Voce

360 Video with spatial audio

A video that reflects the functioning of my interactive sound installation created for Museo Amedeo Bassi (Montespertoli, Florence; IT) and curated by Andrea Zanetti (YAB).
The music is structured into five sound tracks composed exclusively by manipulating the tenor’s voice; from a collage of sound fragments extracted from the original recordings contained in the Museum to total abstraction.
Each track has its own 3D location inside the room.
Framing a point associated with a track, this becomes predominant over the others.
The movement of the viewer determines the overall composition.

A pair of headphones is required to perceive spatial audio.

360 video realized by Tommaso Campagna.

20th May, 2020

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